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100-unit assisted living facility proposed for Bowling Green

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2013 at 11:33 pm

An investment group is seeking to build a 100-unit assisted living facility near the corner of Milford Street and Trewalla Lane in Bowling Green.

The Bowling Green Town Council met Nov. 20 and passed a motion to hold a public hearing on Dec. 12 at 5 p.m. on the proposed assisted living facility. The Bowling Green Planning Commission met Nov. 18 and suggested a joint public hearing on Dec. 12.

Webb Investment Group is seeking permission from the council to build the facility. The project developer, Caroline Care Group, wishes to build the facility on property owned by Webb located off Milford Street.

Webb presented a generalized development plan for New Hope Assisted Living Facility at the Town Council meeting. Webb submitted a rezoning application and special use permit application.

According to the project summary outlined in the rezoning application, the proposed New Hope Assisted Living Facility is a 3.5 acre project located on the north side of Milford Street and the east side of Trewalla Lane. The site will gain access to the state highway system by construction of an entrance onto Milford Street.

The conditions of the facility include a maximum height of 45 feet; a maximum density of 100 units; and 10 foot vegetated buffer along the property lines that are adjacent to the property.

In previous discussions about the proposed building, there were concerns about maintaining the “scenic beauty” of the street. Residents of Bowling Green take pride in its appearance, and the aesthetic qualities of the building could be a determining factor. According to the owner and developer however, the building’s architecture will be similar to that of the old Bowling Green Seminary for Women, which had previously stood on the street.

The property is made up of four vacant parcels, and is currently zoned R-1, which does not allow for an assisted living facility. The application is requesting a rezoning of the property from R-1 to R-3 (with a special use) for the construction of the 100-unit facility.

The application further states that the facility is a residential use that will not have a negative impact on air or noise.  However, there will be an impact on stormwater. This impact will be negated by an onsite stormwater management facility.

David Upshaw, president of the board of directors for the Caroline Care Group, addressed the council, stating that Caroline Care Group has continued to hold meetings concerning the project. “It is our intent to broaden support for the project,” Upshaw said. He also said that what he and the care group hoped for was to make this a countywide project, not just relevant to the town of Bowling Green.

Upshaw expressed his gratitude toward Webb Investment Group for their donation of the land parcels. Without their donation, Upshaw said, “it would be much more difficult to do fundraising” for the facility. He said because of the land donation, “the banks are smiling.”