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2014 Caroline County Agricultural Fair Contest Winners

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 10:37 am

Madelyn Mills, 9, of Doswell was a first place winner in goat showmanship with the able assistance of Kelsey Trainer and Bella the goat.

Madelyn Mills, 9, of Doswell was a first place winner in goat showmanship with the able assistance of Kelsey Trainer and Bella the goat.

Caroline Idol

first- Logan Golden, Ruther Glen; second–Shannan Johnson, Ruther Glen; third-Anna Rothgeb, Ruther Glen

Hog Calling Contest (Adult)

first-Kareena Decatur, Spotsylvania; second-Trevor Whittaker, Ruther Glen; third-Travis Nierman, Spotsylvania; fourth- Anna Rothgeb, Ruther Glen; fifth-two way tie-Carolyn Coutts, Ruther Glen; Joey Pavie, Ladysmith

Rooster Calling Contest (Adult)

first-Carolyn Coutts, Ruther Glen; second-Anna Rothgeb, Ruther Glen; third-George Grampp, Spotsylvania; fourth-Joey Pavie, Ladysmith; fifth-Trevor Whittaker, Ruther Glen; sixth-Bobby Satterwhite, Ruther Glen

Corn Shucking (Wednesday)

Ages 5 and under:  first-John Marshall Smith, Clyde, NC; second-Madelyn Klontzaris, Caroline; third-Kerry Nester, King George; fourth-Kathryn Nester, King George

Ages 6-12:  first-Ty Pittman, Hanover; second-Kiran Judy, Hanover; third-Collin Nester, King George; fourth-Cole Pittman, Hanover; fifth-Jessica Nester, King George; sixth-Nate Judy, Hanover

Ages 6-12:  first-Kayla Klontzaris, Caroline; second-Kamryn Gray, Caroline; third-Ethan Hicks, Hanover; fourth- Fisher Tate, Hanover; fifth-Abby Burke, Fredericksburg;

Ages 6-12:  first-Hannah Molnar, Goochland; second-Ryan Elliott, Goochland; third-Abby Dockum, Hanover; fourth-Alex Dockum, Hanover

Ages 13-17:  first-Amber Beasley, Fredericksburg; second-Cody Johnson; Hanover; third-Jonathan Cabaniss, Chesterfield; fourth-Kaitlyn Burke, Fredericksburg

Ages 18 and up:  first-Brian Smith, Clyde, NC; second-Brian Judy, Hanover; third-Mary Ellis, Hanover; fourth-Amy Nester, King George; fifth-Brad Nester, King George; sixth-Nancy Parker, Caroline

Ages 18 and up:  first-Karen Johnson, Hanover; second-Jessica Pittman, Hanover; third-Marilyn Collins, Caroline; fourth-Brett Holder, Powhatan; fifth-Meghan Elliott, Goochland; sixth-Gordon Hart, Caroline

Corn Shucking (Friday)

Ages 5 and under:  first-Bella Wingo, Caroline; second-Braylenn Arnoald, Doswell

Ages 6-12:  first-Hannah Molnar, Goochland; second-Ty Pittman, Hanover; third-Katie Phaen, Caroline; fourth-Sydney Waldrop, Hanover; fifth-Madison Smith, Beaverdam; sixth-Faith Alexander, King & Queen

Ages 6-12:  first-Ally Phalen, Caroline; second-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania; third-Ryan Eliot, Goochland; fourth-Emily Phalen, Caroline; fifth-Kate Partin, Caroline

Ages 6-12:  first-Austin Jordan, Caroline; second-Hailei Mastin, Caroline; third-Kaylei Raymond, Cedon; fourth-Mika Hammond, Montpelier; fifth-Hayden Raymond, Cedon

Ages 18 and up:  first-C. W., Hanover; second-Chris Branson, Hanover; third-Bubba Wickham, Hanover; fourth-Chip Underwood, Hanover; fifth-Rodney Arnold, Hanover; sixth-two way tie-Liane Haynes, Fredericksburg; David Sullivan, Hanover

Corn Shucking (Saturday)

Ages 5 and below: first-Ty Swords, Caroline; second-Lilly Waite, Ruther Glen; third-Riley Hayden

Ages 6-12: first-Hannah Molnar, Goochland; second-Madisyn Smith, Ruther Glen; third-Enoch Johnson, Ruther Glen; fourth-TJ Dillon, Ruther Glen; fifth-Hunter Waite, Ruther Glen; sixth-Daniel Johnson, Ruther Glen

Ages 6-12:  first-Ty Pittman, Hanover; second-Kamryn Gray, Ruther Glen; third-Madison Wheeler, Ruther Glen; fourth-Logan Wheeler, Ruther Glen; fifth-Jack Greven, Ruther Glen; sixth-Savanah Waite, Ruther Glen

Ages 6-12:  first-Randall Kirby, Ruther Glen; second-Jacob Nelson, Ruther Glen; third-Connor Masch, Ruther Glen; fourth-Oliver Savannah, Ruther Glen; fifth-Evelina Batchelor, Ruther Glen

Ages 6-12:  first-Jimmy Weadon, Ruther Glen; second-Casey Pendergrass, Ruther Glen; third-Camila Brooks, Glen Allen

Ages 13-17:  first-Amber Beasley, Spotsylvania; second-Katlyn Davie, Ruther Glen; third-Shannan Johnson, Ruther Glen; fourth-Gil Johnson, Ruther Glen

Ages 18 and over:  first-Mary Ellis, Beaverdam; second-Joanna Carter, Ruther Glen; third-Cynthia Davey, Ruther Glen; fourth-Karen Johnson, Ruther Glen

Ages 18 and over:  first-Vicki Underwood, Ruther Glen; second-Daniel Swords, Ruther Glen; third-Ryan Hayden, Ruther Glen; fourth-Barbara Ellis, Hanover

Saturday Grand Champion:  Mary Ellis, Beaverdam

Hay Bale Toss (Friday)

Youth:  first-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania; second-Hannah Molner, Goochland; third-Madison Smith, Beaverdam; fourth-Ty Pittman, Hanover

Adult:  first-Walter Smith, Beaverdam; second-CC Riggs, Caroline; third-Chris Branson, Hanover; fourth-David Sullivan, Hanover; fifth-Ben Pittman, Beaverdam; sixth-James Douglas, Ruther Glen

Adult: first-Kevin Tate, Caroline; second-Trey Smith, Caroline; third-Jacob Kothe, Ruther Glen; fourth-Bubba Wickham, Hanover; fifth-Jessica Pittman, Hanover

Adult – Overall Winner:  first-Kevin Tate, Caroline; second-Jacob Kothe, Ruther Glen; third-Walter Smith, Beaverdam; fourth-CC Riggs, Caroline; fifth-Chris Branson, Hanover; sixth-Trey Smith, Caroline

Pie Eating Contest (Saturday)

Ages 5 and under: first-Landon Pendergrass, Ruther Glen; second-Hayden Federkeil, Ruther Glen; third-Corbin Federkeil, Ruther Glen

Ages 6-12: first-Kam Gray, Ruther Glen; second-Evelina Batchelor, Ruther Glen; third-Logan Wheeler, Ruther Glen; fourth-Kennedy Drumm, Ruther Glen; fifth-Charlie Drumm, Ruther Glen; sixth-Danielle Drumm, Ruther Glen

Ages 6-12:  first-TJ Dillon, Ruther Glen; second-Dominic Kittle, Ruther Glen; third-Pierce Evans, Ruther Glen; fourth-Maddie Evans, Ruther Glen; fifth-Enoch Johnson, Ruther Glen; sixth-Hannah Molnar, Goochland

Ages 6-12:  first-Daniel Johnson, Ruther Glen; second-Savannah Waite, Ruther Glen; third-Tyler McGrath, Hanover; fourth-Ty Pittman, Hanover; fifth-Mollie Strange Boston, Ashland; sixth-Hunter Waite, Ruther Glen; seventh-Luke Rossi, Ruther Glen

Ages 13-17:  first-Shannan Johnson, Ruther Glen; second-Mac Strange Boston, Ashland; third-Kaitlyn Southworth, Ruther Glen

Ages 18 and over: first-Joanna Carter, Ruther Glen; second-Allen Dillon, Ruther Glen; third-Tim Robertson, Ruther Glen; fourth-Eric Woodard, Ruther Glen

Ages 18 and over: Greg Greven, Ruther Glen; second-George Davey, Ruther Glen; third-Josh Federkeil, Ruther Glen; fourth-Nate Brooks, Glen Allen

Grand Champion: Greg Greven, Ruther Glen

Watermelon Eating Contest (Thursday)

Ages 5 and under: first-Nolan Mallory, Caroline; second-Cody Ucciardi, Caroline; third-Landon Pendergrass, Stafford; fourth-Tyler Melson, Caroline; fifth-Connor Whittaker, Caroline

Ages 6-12:  first-Seandon Myers, Caroline; second-Kasey Pendergrass, Stafford; third-Kennedy Drumm, Caroline; fourth-Travis Mirman, Caroline; fifth-Cassidy Southworth, Caroline; sixth-Danielle Drumm, Caroline

Ages 6-12:  first-Sarah Wilhelm, Stafford; second-Trevor Nierman, Caroline; third-Brooke Bailey, Virginia Beach; fourth-Madison Smith, Goochland; fifth-Hannah Molnar, Goochland; sixth-Ryan Melson, Caroline

Ages 13-17:  first-Aaron Pearson, Caroline; second-Kenny Linton, Stafford; third-Morgan Arrington, Stafford; second-Kenny Linton, Stafford; fourth-Katelynn Southworth, Caroline

Ages 18 and over:  first-Shelly Pendergrass, Stafford; second-Breta Myers, Caroline; third-Kelsey Trainor, Stafford; fourth-Tasha Johnson, Caroline

Ages 18 and over:  first-Mark VanDevender, Caroline; second-Patrick Pendergrass, Stafford; third-Christen Gamache, Spotsylvania; fourth-Harley Carter, Caroline; Fifth-Scarlett Stout, Caroline

25 Gift Card Winners – Exit Survey/Daily Drawing

Wednesday-Shirley Clarke, Ruther Glen; Thursday-Sandra O’Saben, Hanover; Friday-Stacey Thomas, Spotsylvania; Saturday-William Sadler, Louisa


2014 Antique Tractor Exhibit

Oldest Tractor: first-3 way tie-Frankie Chenault, Ruther Glen, 1939 John Deere B; Adam Morris, Parlow, 1939 Allis Chalmers B; John Carneal, Ruther Glen, 1939 Ford Ferguson 9-N

Best Original Condition:  first-Adam Morris, Partlow, 1954 Farmall Super C; second-Allan Thorburn, Fredericksburg, 1958 John Deere 520; third-Donnie Terrell, Ruther Glen, 1960 Farmall H

Best Restoration: first-Brandon Terrell, Ruther Glen, 1969 John Deere 4520; second-Bill Anderson, Ruther Glen, 1950 John Deere B; third-Allan Thorburn, Fredericksburg, 1958 John Deere 420

Best in Show:  first-Adam Morris, Parlow, 1954 Farmall Super C; second-Allan Thornburn, Fredericksburg, 1958 John Deere 520; third-Frankie Chenault, Ruther Glen, 1939 John Deere B

Special Award:  Charles Raymond Carter, Ruther Glen, Garden Tractor display; Warren Durrett, Farmall A; Billy Payne, Ruther Glen, Country Squire Garden


2014 Caroline County Agricultural Fair Livestock & Poultry Show Winners

Swine, Sheep & Goat Show

Swine Showmanship Jr.:  first-Kayse Ann Pendergrass, Fredericksburg; second-Hayle Marie Pendergrass, Fredericksburg; third-Fisher Tate, Crozier

Market Hogs:  first-Fisher Tate, Crozier; second-Kayse Ann Pendergrass, Fredericksburg; third-Fisher Tate, Crozier; fourth-Hayle Marie Pendergrass, Fredericksburg

Market Hogs – Champion:  Fisher Tate, Crozier

Market Hogs – Reserve Champion:  Kayse Ann Pendergrass, Fredericksburg

Sheep Showmanship Sr.:  first-Abigail Durheim, Fredericksburg; second-Amber Beasley, Fredericksburg

Sheep Showmanship Jr.:  first-Jimmy Weadon, King George; second-Savannah Durheim, Fredericksburg

Market Lamb:  first-Abigail Durheim, Fredericksburg; second-Amber Beasley, Fredericksburg; third-Jimmy Weadon, King George; fourth-Caleb Durheim, Fredericksburg; fifth-Savannah Durheim, Fredericksburg

Market Lamb – Champion:  Abigail Durheim, Fredericksburg

Market Lamb – Reserve Champion:  Amber Beasley, Fredericksburg

Market Lamb pairs:  first-Abigail Durheim, Fredericksburg

Goat Showmanship Sr.:  first-Bill Johnson, Farnham; second-Emily Clarke, Montpelier; third-Mary Ellis, Beaverdam; fourth-Cody Johnson, Mechanicsville; fifth-Kelsey Trainor, Fredericksburg; sixth-Jimmy Weadon, King George

Market Goats:  first, second & fourth-Bill Johnson, Farnham; third-Cody Johnson, Mechanicsville; fifth & sixth-Kelsey Trainor, Fredericksburg

Market Goats Champion:  Bill Johnson, Farnham

Market Goats Reserve Champion:  Bill Johnson, Farnham

Billy Goats:  first-Cody Johnson, Mechanicsville; second & third-Mary Ellis, Beaverdam

Cattle Show, Beef & Dairy

Cattle Showmanship Sr.:first-Jolene Davis, Montpelier; second-Madison Goodman, Ashland; third-Rachel E. Waggie, Doswell; fourth-Brittany Linton, Midland; fifth-Kelsey Trainor, Fredericksburg; sixth-Bill Johnson, Farnham

Cattle Showmanship Jr.:  first-Ryan Elliott, Goochland; second-Ryan Proctor, Ruther Glen; third-Ty Pittman, Montpelier; fourth-Fisher Tate, Crozier

Market Steer:  first-Bill Johnson, Farnham; second-Kelsey Trainor, Fredericksburg; third-Ryan Proctor, Ruther Glen; fourth-Kenny Linton, Midland

Market Steer Champion:  Bill Johnson, Farnham

Market Steer Reserve Champion:  Kelsey Trainor, Fredericksburg

Market Heifer:  first-Madison Goodman, Ashland; second-Brandy Harris, Mineral; third-Jolene Davis, Montpelier; fourth-Cody Johnson, Mechanicsville; fifth-Brett Trainor, Fredericksburg

Market Heifer Champion:  Madison Goodman, Ashland

Market Heifer Reserve Champion:  Brandy Harris, Mineral

Feeder Heifer:  first-Ryan Elliott, Goochland; second-Madison Goodman, Ashland; third-Rachel Davis, Montpelier; fourth-Bill Johnson, Farnham; fifth-Maryanne Hawthorne, Rockville; sixth-Fisher Tate, Crozier

Feeder Heifer Champion:  Ryan Elliott, Goochland

Feeder Heifer Reserve Champion:  Madison Goodman, Ashland

Feeder Steer:  first-Mary Ott, Remington; second-Brandy Harris, Mineral; third-Helena Trevor, Goochland; fourth-Cody Johnson, Mechanicsville; fifth-Kenny Linton, Midland

Feeder Steer Champion:  Mary Ott, Remington

Feeder Steer Reserve Champion:  Brandy Harris, Mineral

Bull Calf:  first & second-Rachel Davis, Montpelier

Cow/Calf pair:  first-Erin Saacke, Rockville; second-Ty Pittman, Montpelier; third-Brittany Linton, Midland; fourth-Mary Ott, Remington

Dairy Cattle Showmanship Sr.:  first-Mary Ott, Remington; second-Erin Saacke, Rockville; third-Chloe Evans, Sandy Hook; fourth-Maya Apel, Glen Allen

Dairy Showmanship Jr.:  first-Molly Apel, Glen Allen; second-Madisyn Smith, Beaverdam; third-Hannah Molnar, Manakin-Sabot; fourth-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania; fifth-Bethany Hawthorne, Rockville

Dairy Jr. Heifer:  first-Molly Apel, Glen Allen; second-Maya Apel, Glen Allen; third-Hannah Molnar, Manakin-Sabot; fourth-Chloe Evans, Sandy Hook; fifth-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania; sixth-Bethany Hawthorne, Rockville

Dairy Intermediate Heifer:  first-Erin Saacke, Rockville; second-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania

Dairy Cows:  first-Mary Ott, Remington; second-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania; third-Chloe Evans, Sandy Hook; fourth-Madisyn Smith, Beaverdam; fifth-Zane Lyons, Spotsylvania

Dairy Cattle Champion:  Mary Ott, Remington

Dairy Cattle Reserve Champion:  Molly Apel, Glen Allen

Stockmen’s Contest Jr.:  first-Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam; second-Ryan Elliott, Goochland; third-Bethany Hawthorne, Rockville

Stockmen’s Contest Sr:  first-Jolene Davis, Montpelier; second-Maryanne Hawthorne, Rockville; third-Amber Beasley, Fredericksburg

Poultry Show

Poultry Show Champion:  Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Poultry Showmanship Sr.:  Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Poultry Showmanship Jr.:  Marley Goodman, Ashland

Bantam, Old English & American Game:  first thru sixth-Tabitha Griffin, Hague

Bantam, AOCCL:  first & second-Marley Goodman, Ashland

Bantam, Feather Leg: first, third & fifth-Marley Goodman, Ashland; second, fourth & sixth-Emily Sullivan, Ashland

Bantam Champion:  Tabitha Griffin, Hague

Bantam Reserve Champion:  Marley Goodman, Ashland

Large Fowl, American:  first-Shelly Underwood, Mechanicsville; second-Peter Trevor, Goochland; third & fourth-Fisher Tate, Crozier

Large Fowl, Asiatic:  first thru third-Helena Trevor, Goochland

Large Fowl, Continental:  first-Helena Trevor, Goochland; second-Chloe Evans, Sandy Hook

Large Fowl, English:  first & second-Peter N. Chumbris, Beaverdam

Large Fowl, Mediterranean:  first-Peter Trevor, Goochland

Large Fowl, AOSB:  first thru fifth-Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam; sixth-Tabitha Griffin, Hague

Large Fowl Champion:  Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Large Fowl Reserve Champion:  Shelly Underwood, Mechanicsville

Duck, Heavy:  first-Leah Condrey, Hanover

Duck, Medium:  first-Leah Condrey, Hanover

Duck, Light:  first thru sixth-Leah Condrey, Hanover

Duck Champion:  Leah Condrey, Hanover

Duck Reserve Champion:  Leah Condrey, Hanover

Goose, Heavy:  first-Emily Clarke, Montpelier

Goose Champion:  Emily Clarke

Turkey:  first & second-Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Turkey Champion:  Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Turkey Reserve Champion:  Joel Wingfield, Beaverdam

Clover Bud Goat Show

Participants:  Lilly Drake, Ruther Glen; Sarah Wilhelm, Fredericksburg; Kathryn Elliott, Goochland; Kiran Judy, Mechanicsville; Nate Judy, Mechanicsville; Leslie Linton, Summerduck; Madelyn L. Mills, Montpelier; Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen

Pee Wee Swine Show

Participants:  Kathryn Elliott, Goochland; Sarah Jensen, Doswell; Kiran Judy (1st), Mechanicsville; Nate Judy, Mechanicsville; Leslie Linton (1st), Summerduck; Madelyn L. Mills, Montpelier; Landon Pendergrass (1st), Fredericksburg; Aaron Robinson, Gum Spring; Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen; Sarah Wilhelm, Fredericksburg

Pee Wee Calf Show

Participants:  Jack Chumbris, Beaverdam; Lilly Drake, Ruther Glen; Kathryn Elliott (1st), Goochland; Jack Emerson, Mechanicsville; Kiran Judy, Mechanicsville; Nate Judy, Mechanicsville; Leslie Linton, Summerduck; Madelyn L. Mills (1st), Montpelier; Kaitlynn Snell, Ruther Glen

Caroline’s Barn Favorite Animal Pen (Popular Vote)

Rachel Waggie, Doswell

Guess the Hog’s Weight

Rhonda Griffin, Ruther Glen


2014 Caroline County Public Schools Art & Photography Show Participants at the Caroline County Agricultural Fair

Best in Show:  Shannon Roberts, Caroline High School

Bowling Green Elementary

Eva Batchelor, 4th

Allicia Campbell, 3rd

Dache Carmine, 6th

Will Carter, 2nd

Mariana Castillo, 2nd

Sydney Davis, 1st

Audrey Edwards, 5th

Gracelyn Edwards, 3rd

Chassidy Fielder, 1st

Laura Garrett, 3rd

Mya Gerber, 5th

Logan Golden, 2nd

Jamara Gordon, 3rd, 5th

Dalton Gray, 5th

Rebecca Haegele, 3rd

Chandler Hageman, 1st, 3rd

Isiah Jones, 3rd

Troy Jones, 2nd

Alexis Kiser, 4th

Jessica Lam, 6th

Genevieve Lindamood, 1st

Evelyn Long, 5th

Kenia Lopez, 3rd

Aiden Marshall, 2nd

MaeDavis McManus, 4th

Mia McMillion, 4th

Emily Payne, 5th

Carmen Queen, 5th

Felicia Rodriguez, 4th, 5th

Alexis Senegal, 3rd

Ashley Setliff, 1st

Camille Silver,1st

Coby Southworth, 6th

Graham Synan, 5th

Delaney Thomas, 2nd, 5th

Holly Trout, 2nd, 3rd

Ian Tucker, 5th

George Ward, 2nd

Madison Wright, 4th


Lewis & Clarke Elementary

Emily Beazley, 6th

Erek Biddle, 6th

Megan Bremner, 5th

Robert Castagna, 6th

Raul Castro, 6th

Kellen Cuevas, 4th

Kyle Frost, 3rd

Mei Gollon, 6th

Caroline Hale, 4th

Joi Keeton, 3rd

Sean Kenny, 2nd

Breanna Machado, 1st

Abigail Mahaney, 2nd

Emma Mahaney, 5th

Lily Mahaney, 2nd

Emily Minnick, 5th

Kayla Montgomery, 3rd

Samantha Moore, 3rd

Yashielys Nieves-Lopez, 5th

Hannah Pettigrew, 6th

Micah Pugh, 5th

Kaleb Scott, 6th

Kaylia Smith, 6th

Makayla Silver, 3rd

April Smith, 5th

Devon Stamper, 5th

Tayler Tartt, 4th

Lydia Tillapaugh, 1st

Cayla White, 3rd


Madison Elementary

Kate Aronian, 1st

Maggie Mae Curtin, 5th

Kenyon X. Frye, 2nd

Mariah Hildebrand, 2nd

Ansleigh Hilldrup, 3rd

Nye Howard, 2nd

Jordan Morris, 1st

Shiyah Pierre, 4th

Zuri Pitchford, 1st

Kamyra Washington, 6th


Caroline Middle School

Eris Crouch, 3rd

Sarah Knicely, 4th

Kortney Kovach, 1st

Niall Lowrie, 2nd

Tahleek Winstead, 5th


Caroline High School

Anthony Adams, 3rd

Jazmine Allen, 1st, 2nd

Daniel Aragon, 2nd, 4th

Alicia Blanchard, 1st

Alyssa Bolin, 2nd

Haley Byers, 4th

Janelle Carrier, 3rd

Isaihas Colo’n, 1st

Ashley Cruz, 3rd

Tyree Ferguson, 1st

Max Davis, 5th

Marisa DiGregorio, 1st, 2nd

Breyonna Derricotte, 3rd

Sarah Diehl, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 5th

Harrison Dove-Green, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd

Julianne Dutton, 1st

Tyree Ferguson, 1st, 2nd

Joseph Frye, 5th

Whitney Gibbs, 5th

Cole Grinde, 5th

Isis Guzman-Carter, 1st, 2nd

Jessica Harrison, 1st

Morgan Hill, 2nd

Jonazia Hunter, 3rd

Monique Johnson, 2nd

Jason Johnston, 5th

Hannah Jones, 1st

Shiaira Jones, 2nd, 3rd

Katherine Kline, 1st

Daquan Lee, 4th

Mark Loving, 1st, 2nd, 2nd

Alexis Miller, 5th

Christianna Morton, 1st, 3rd, 3rd,4th

Khaliah Myers, 5th

Annisia Olguin, 1st

Ally Palmi, 1st, 2nd

Samantha Powers, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th

Reyes Ramos, 1st, 1st, 3rd

Brittney Roberts, 1st & 2nd

Shannon Roberts, 1st (Best in Show), 2nd

Emily Rose, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th

Elizabeth Salazar, 2nd

Kethryn Shaner, 1st

Jasmine Singleton, 1st, 2nd, 2nd

Cailla Solomon, 1st

Dominique St. Ours, 1st,1st, 4th

Lance Sullivan, 3rd

Ashley Thursten, 1st

Crystal Tubman, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Nicole Tubman, 4th

Emily Watters, 1st,1st, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd

Darius Young, 1st, 1st


The following CHS entries are listed by description of work (entrant’s name was not provided):

AT&T Blackberry, 3rd

Blue & Green Skyline, 5th

The Faces of a Girl, 2nd

Multi-Color Circle, 3rd

Simply Beautiful, 1st


2014 Caroline County Agricultural Fair Home Goods Contests

Biggest Home Goods Winner: Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Biggest Home Goods Winner (Youth): Chalie Van Devender, Woodford

Beets:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; second-Gordon Hart, Hanover

Cabbage:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Pickling Cucumbers:  second-Gordon Hart, Hanover

Slicing Cucumbers:  first-Charles Raymond Carter, Ruther Glen; second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; third-Gordon Hart, Hanover

Exhibitors Choice Peppers:  first-Mark Coleman, Ruther Glen; second-Gordon Hart, Hanover

Irish Potatoes:  second-Charles Raymond Carter, Ruther Glen

Biggest Pumpkin:  first-Mark VanDevender, Woodford

Conn. Field Type Pumpkin:  first-Mark VanDevender, Woodford

Cushaw Type Pumpkin:  first-Mark VanDevender, Woodford

Green Snap Beans:  first-Gordon Hart, Hanover; Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; third-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Crookneck/Straight Summer Squash: first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; second-Pamela Whittaker, Ashland; third-Charles Raymond Carter, Ruther Glen; fourth-Gordon Hart, Hanover; fifth-Mark Coleman, Ruther Glen

Summer Scallop Squash:  first-Mark VanDevender, Woodford

Butternut Squash:  first-Gordon Hart, Hanover

Winter Squash:  first-Gordon Hart, Hanover; second-Mark VanDevender, Woodford

Farm Products – Other:  first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; second-Mark Coleman, Ruther Glen

Grass Hay:  first-Bob Carlson, Ruther Glen; second-Mack A. Wright, III, Ruther Glen; third-John Green, Ruther Glen

Eggs:  first-3 way tie-Connor Strange-Baston, Ashland; LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen (2x); second-Pamela Whittaker, Ashland

Canned Pears:  first-Cheryl English, Woodford

Canned Tomato Juice:  second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Canned Beets:  first-Diane Petree, Mechanicsville; second-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; fourth-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Canned Green Beans (Broken):  first-Marilyn A .Collins, Hanover; second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; third-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover

Canned Green Beans (Whole):  first-Marilyn A .Collins, Hanover; Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; Mary Williams, Milford

Canned Hot Peppers:  first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Canned Corn:  second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Canned Soup Mixture:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Canned Squash:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; second-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover

Canned Peaches:  first-Pamela Whittaker, Ashland

Canned Potatoes:  second-Mary Williams, Milford

Canned Apple Sauce:  first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Canned Apple Butter:  first-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; second-Mary Williams, Milford

Canned Goods – Other:  first-Mary Williams, Milford

Grape Jelly:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Other Jelly:  second-Luella McField, Ruther Glen

Peach Preserves:  second-Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Strawberry Preserves:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Other Preserves: second-Mary Williams, Milford

Peach Jam:  first-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; second-Karen Tignor, Bowling Green

Cherry Jam:  first-Jacque Barham, Bowling Green

Grape Jam:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Strawberry Jam: first-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; second-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; third-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; fourth-Jennifer Waldrop, Mechanicsville; fifth-Jacque Barham, Bowling Green

Blackberry Jam:  first-Jennifer Waldrop, Mechanicsville; second-Pamela Whittaker, Ashland

Other Jam:  first-Cheryl English, Woodford; second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; fourth-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green

Strained Honey:  first-Jeff Sili, Bowling Green, second-Sam English, Woodford

Beet Pickled:  second-Dianne Petree, Mechanicsville

Cucumber (sweet) Pickles:  second-Karen Tignor, Bowling Green; third-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Bread & Butter Pickles:  first-Jacque Barham, Bowling Green; second-Vanessa Dupree, Ruther Glen; third-Tammy S. Ponder, Ruther Glen

Dill Pickles:  first-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover; second-Trevor Whittaker, Ruther Glen

Watermelon Rind Pickles: second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Squash Pickles:  first-Jacque Barham, Bowling Green; second-Karen Tignor, Bowling Green

Green Tomato Pickle: second-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Other Pickles:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen

Sweet Relish:  first-Lisa Beckwith, Hanover

Green Pepper Relish:  second-Cheryl English, Woodford

Chocolate Fudge:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford; second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Peanut Butter Fudge:  first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Chocolate Nut Fudge:  first-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen; second-Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Marshmallow Treats:  first-Shannan Johnson, Ruther Glen

Other Candy:  first-2 way tie-Ashley Corker, Beaverdam; Anna Harmon, Ruther Glen

Carrot Cake:  first-Leah L. Samuels, Spotsylvania

Cheesecake:  first-Anna Harmon, Ruther Glen

Other Cakes:  first-Leah L. Samuels, Spotsylvania

Chocolate Chip Cookies:  first-2 way tie-Aodhan Dupree, Ruther Glen; Lisa Street, Woodford; third-Daniel Johnson, Ruther Glen

Oatmeal Cookies: first-Cheryl English, Woodford; second-Anna Harmon, Ruther Glen; third-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Brownies:  first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Apple Pie: first-Lisa Street, Woodford

Pecan Pie: first-Travis Bingaman, Spotsylvania

Other Pie:  first-Kelly Adkins-Leach, Bumpass

Yeast Rolls:  second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Yeast Bread:  second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Fruit & Nut Bread:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford; second-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; fourth-Ann Tate, Ruther Glen

Bread Other:  first-Cheryl English, Woodford; third-Kelly Adkins-Leach, Bumpass

Baby Quilt:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Patchwork Quilt:  first-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford

Other Quilting:  first-Pamela Sharpe, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Afghan:  first-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen; second-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford; third-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford; fourth-2 way tie-Betty Stewart, Henrico; Lois Ponder, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Doilies:  first-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Baby Afghan:  first-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Baby’s Set:  first-Nancy Hoffman, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Baby Sweater:  first-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen

Crocheted Hat: first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Crocheted Vest:  first-Marette Legeer, Milford

Other Crocheting:  first-2 way tie-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen; Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen

Needlepoint Framed Picture:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen

Crewel Bell Pull:  first-Pamela Sharpe, Ruther Glen

Woodworking Cane:  first-Larry Binder, Milford

Woodworking Other:  first-2 way tie-Larry Binder, Milford; Michael Maiatico, Ruther Glen

Toile & Decorative Painting – Other:  first-Helen Johnson, Ruther Glen (2x)

Toile & Decorative Painting – Other:  first-Helen Johnson, Ruther Glen

Summer Wreath:  first-Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen

Other Wreath:  first & second-Shirley Matiak, Ruther Glen

Knitted Afghan:  first-Rosemary Mauney, Ruther Glen

Knitted Scarf:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; second-Loretta Holmes-Little, Ruther Glen; third-2 way tie-Loretta Holmes-Little, Ruther Glen; LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen; fourth-2 way tie-LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen; Karen Tignor, Bowling Green; fifth-3 way tie-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen; LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen

Knitted Sweater:  first-Alice Robinson, Ruther Glen

Knitted Hat:  first-Marilyn A Collins, Hanover

Knitting – Other:  first-Kristin Bright, Ruther Glen; second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Cross Stitch Sampler:  first-Lisa Street, Woodford

Cross Stitch Framed picture:  first-Alice Robinson, Ruther Glen; Lois Ponder, Ruther Glen

Other: first-Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen

Skirt:  first-Mila Rachanow, Milford

Apron:  first-thru third-Mary Williams, Milford (6 entries)

Sculpture:  first thru third-Jason Drawdy, Mechanicsville

Leather Craft:  first-Mackenzie Wright Murphy, Ruther Glen; Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Bird Houses:  first-Charlie Van Devender, Woodford

Doll:  first-Marilyn Faloney, Ruther Glen

Greeting Cards:  first-Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen

Soap Making:  first-Anna Nelson, Milford

Misc – Other:  first-7 way tie-Jacque Barham, Bowling Green; Ashley Corker, Beaverdam; Chalie Van Devender, Woodford; Nancy Hoffman, Ruther Glen; Sutton Marks, Ruther Glen; Linda Rapp, Ruther Glen; Mary Williams, Milford; second-2 way tie-Mary L. Lankford, Ashland; Mary Williams, Milford; third-3 way tie-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; Mary Williams, Milford (2x); fourth-Shirley Matiak, Ruther Glen (3x)

Potted Plants – Blooming:  first-Sissy Coleman, Ruther Glen; second-Francine Whittaker, Ruther Glen; third-Cheryl English, Woodford; fourth-Margie Wallo, Ruther Glen; fifth-Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen

Potted Plants – Non blooming:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; second-Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen; third-2 way tie-Margie Wallo, Ruther Glen; Francine Whittaker, Ruther Glen; fourth-2 way tie-Sissy Coleman, Ruther Glen; Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen; fifth-2 way tie-Sissy Coleman, Ruther Glen; Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen

Silk Flower Arrangements:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford; second-Nancy L. Garner, Ruther Glen

Live Flower Arrangements:  first-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green

Cut Flowers (in bud vase):  first-2 way tie-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; second-2 way tie-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; third-4 way tie-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford (3x); Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; fourth-5 way tie-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford (2x);Lillian Whittaker (2x), Ruther Glen; sixth-2 way tie-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford

Group Portrait Photography: second-Lori Marks, Ruther Glen

Individual Portrait Photography:  first-Lori Marks, Ruther Glen

Landscape Photography:  first-3 way tie-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen; Lori Marks, Ruther Glen; Shirley Matiak, Ruther Glen; third-John Wheeler, Ruther Glen; fifth-Jeanie Van Devender, Woodford; sixth-3 way tie-Presley Marks, Ruther Glen; Sutton Marks, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Waterscape Photography:  first-2 way tie-Presley Marks, Ruther Glen; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; second-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; third-Anna Nelson, Milford; fourth-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Pet Photography:  first-2 way tie-Shelly Underwood, Mechanicsville; Jeanie Van Devender, Woodford; third-3 way tie-LaVonne Matiak, Ruther Glen; Linda Rapp, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Wild Animal Photography:  first-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen; second-2 way tie-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; third-Linda Rapp, Ruther Glen; fourth-3 way tie-Presley Marks, Ruther Glen; Sutton Marks, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Still Life Photography:  first-2 way tie-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; fourth-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green

Plant Study Photography: first-3 way tie-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; second-Luella McField, Ruther Glen; third-Shelly Underwood, Mechanicsville

Special Effect Photography:  second-Kathryn Whittaker, Ashland; fifth-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen

Architectural Design Photography:  first-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen; third-Lori Marks, Ruther Glen; fourth-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; fifth-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Creative Design Photography:  first Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen

Other Photography:  first-4 way tie-Barbara Beale, Bowling Green; Luella McField, Ruther Glen; Shelly Underwood, Mechanicsville; Jeanie VanDevender, Woodford; fourth-2 way tie-Bryan Dupree, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; fifth-Anna Nelson, Milford

Charcoal Artwork:  first-Crystal Tubman, Ruther Glen

Pastels Artwork:  first-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Oils Artwork:  first-Alisa Rachanow, Milford

Acrylics Artwork: first-3 way tie-Monica Coleman, Ruther Glen; Cheryl English, Woodford; Crystal Tubman, Ruther Glen; second-Kathryn Whittaker, Ashland

Pencils Artwork:  first-3 way tie-Larry Binder, Milford (2x); Alisa Rachanow, Milford; second-2 way tie-Larry Binder, Milford; Makaila Perkins, Partlow; third-4 way tie-Tyler Barham, Woodford; Larry Binder (2x), Milford; Megan Harless, Ruther Glen; fourth-6 way tie-MacKenzie Barham, Woodford; Larry Binder (4x), Milford; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; fifth-3 way tie-Larry Binder (3x), Milford; sixth-2 way tie-Larry Binder (2x), Milford

Water Color Artwork:  first-MacKenzie Barham, Woodford; second-Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen

Painting on Unique Canvas Artwork:  second-Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen

Mixed Media Artwork:  first-3 way tie-Haley Atkinson, Ruther Glen; Makaila Perkins, Partlow; Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen; second-MacKenzie Barham, Woodford; third-2 way tie-MacKenzie Barham, Woodford; Tyler Barham, Woodford

Lego Boats:  first-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Lego Figures: first-2 way tie-Anna Nelson, Milford, Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Leg Cars:  first-Ashley Corker, Beaverdam; second-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Lego Animals:  first-Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; second-Michael Drawdy, Mechanicsville

Lego Scenes:  first-2 way tie-Enoch Johnson, Ruther Glen; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford

Model Cars:  first-Ashley Corer, Beaverdam

Scrapbooking – 1 page layout:  first-Ann Moorefield, Ruther Glen

Scrapbooking – 2 page layout:  first-Ann Moorefield, Ruther Glen

Necklaces:  first-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford; second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; third-Dianne Lloyd, Milford; fourth-Michael Maiatico, Ruther Glen

Earrings:  first-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford

Bracelets:  first-Carolyn Lee Tubman, Milford; second, Jacque Barham, Bowling Green

Jewelry Sets:  second-Michael Maiatico, Ruther Glen

Christmas Ornaments:  first-Ashley Corker, Beaverdam

Christmas Decorations:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen

Christmas Wreath:  first-Luella McField, Ruther Glen

Rubber Band Jewelry:  first-2 way tie-Presley Marks, Ruther Glen; Sutton Marks, Ruther Glen; second-2 way tie-Tyler Barham (2x), Woodford; third-2 way tie-Tyler Barham (2x), Woodford;

Crayon Artwork: first & second-Tyler Barham, Woodford; third-2 way tie-MacKenzie Barham, Woodford; Trinity Harless, Ruther Glen

Red Star Yeast:  first-Cheryl English, Woodford; second-Karen Tignor, Bowling Green; third-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Lena Carlson Red Velvet Cake:  first-Kalina Rachanow, Milford; second-Natalie C. Drawdy, Mechanicsville

Sallie Wright Oatmeal Cookie:  second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover

Giant Zucchini Contest:  first-Carrington Waldrop, Mechanicsville; second-Mark VanDevender, Woodford; third-Gordon Hart, Hanover; fourth-Pamela Whittaker, Ashland

Lou Stevens’ Silver Fork Coconut Pie: first-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; second-Dianne Lloyd, Milford

Brownies “Just Like Doris Coleman’s”:  first-Dianne Lloyd, Milford; second-Marilyn A. Collins, Hanover; third-Liam Dupree, Ruther Glen

Mr. Potato Head Contest: first-2 way tie-Amy Klontzovis, Woodford; Lillian Whittaker, Ruther Glen; second-2 way tie-James Klontzovis, Woodford; Alisa Rachanow, Milford; third-2 way tie-Deborah L. Harless, Ruther Glen; Kathryn Whittaker, Ashland; fourth-3 way tie-Kayla Klontzovis, Woodford; Mila Rachanow, Milford; Chalie VanDevender, Woodford; fifth-3 way tie-Megan Harless, Ruther Glen; Trinity Harless, Ruther Glen; Madelyn Klontzovis, Woodford

“Harry Potter” Table Setting: first-Mila Rachanow, Milford; second-Alisa Rachanow, Milford

Duct Tape Magic:  first-Tyler Barham, Woodford; second-Gil Johnson, Ruther Glen; third-Alisa Rachanow, Milford; fourth-Megan Harless, Ruther Glen; fifth-Sydney Waldrop, Mechanicsville

“A Summer Wedding” Table Setting:  first-Francine Whittaker, Ruther Glen