Caroline stays in Democratic fold; Wittman wins new term

Caroline County stayed firmly in the Democrat fold on Election Day.

President Barack Obama won re-election by beating Republican Mitt Romney and in so doing carried Caroline again, and fellow Democrat Tim Kaine defeated Republican George Allen for the U.S. Senate and carried Caroline, too.

In the three-way race for Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, Rep. Rob Wittman easily won re-election although his chief foe, Democrat Adam Cook, also carried Caroline.

Unofficially, 12,481 of Caroline’s 18,975 registered voters went to the polls, or about 65 percent.

Obama received 6,633 votes, or 53.1 percent, to Romney’s 5,645, or 45.2 percent. About 200 votes went to four other candidates running for president.

Obama carried Virginia again, as he did when he was first elected in 2008, although the race was close. Statewide, Obama got 1,868,191 votes to Romney’s 1,767,692 votes.

In the 2008 presidential election, Obama got 55.4 percent of the Caroline vote  while Republican John McCain received 43.4 percent.

Over the past 20 years, Caroline County has gone for a Republican presidential candidate only once. That was the 2004 race with the election of Republican George W. Bush. Even that year it was close with Bush getting 50 percent and Democrat John Kerry getting 49 percent.

Kaine received 6,699 votes in Caroline compared to 5,545 for Allen. Statewide, Kaine received 52.2 percent of the vote compared to 47.5 percent for Allen.

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Jim Webb decided to retire instead of running for re-election to another six-year term. He won the seat in 2006 be defeating Allen, who was the incumbent at the time.

Wittman easily won re-election in the 1st District, which stretches roughly from Caroline to Newport News. He received 56.5 percent of the vote compared to 40.9 percent for Cook. Independent Gail Parker got 2.3 percent of the vote.

Cook, who lives in Fredericksburg, narrowly carried Caroline, though. He received 5,974 votes, or 49.7 percent, while Wittman, who lives in Westmoreland County, got 5,738 votes, or 47.7 percent. Parker got 61 votes.

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 12:07 pm