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Bo Hayes excels at sports, academics

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 11:54 am

Many young people have the ambition to change the world in which they live and Bo Hayes appears to be on track to do that.

Bo Hayes is the Caroline Progress Student Athlete for the 2013-14 fall semester.

She is a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council Association and is organizing a drive to provide shoes for those in need.

An over-achiever in all areas in which she is involved, Ms. Hayes stated, ”People need to take advantage of every opportunity they have.”

These are not just words spoken, but proven. Hayes is a three-sport athlete, a captain in the command cadre of the JROTC and holds a 3.92 GPA at Caroline High School.  She stated that all of these activities work together as a part of her education, which she stated is key to success.

Hayes excels at volleyball, basketball and track and has been contacted by numerous colleges to play volleyball in Division I and II colleges.  In her four years on the varsity basketball team where she has played center, power and small forward positions, Hayes has averaged 5.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game.  This year, in her senior year so far she is averaging 12 points, a phenomenal 80 percent from the free throw line, 12 rebounds and 3 assists per game.  Hayes stated that when she makes a mistake in the game, she concentrates on those areas in practice so they will not be repeated.

Hayes endeavors to be an encouragement on and off the court, accentuating the positive.  Not one to be selfish with the ball, she will often pass off to a teammate and is not afraid to give a pat on the back when a someone does well.  She is not afraid to communicate with those on teams in which she plays.

She stated, “I love to bond. I feel that if a team bonds more, there is more trust. The more trust I have with a team the better we perform. I am a leader on and off the court. I am there to encourage, improve, and help my teammates.”

As a Cadet Captain in the command cadre of the JROTC Battalion at Caroline, Hayes is an S1 in charge of battalion intelligence and security.  She stated she enjoys the military training as it has done much to teach her to communicate with others and develop leadership skills.  Hayes mentioned that mentoring the younger cadets can be challenging, bringing them into an understanding of what is expected as well as determining if they are a fit for the program.  For those that are, part of her job is helping them to become proper cadets.

Her father was in the U.S. Army,  and Hayes spent her younger years in Germany.  Because her mother was a German native, her first language was German and she learned English later.  Growing up in the German culture, Hayes exhibits a personality that has been molded by both her early childhood in Europe and later years in America.

Hayes stated her father is a sports enthusiast and feels her athletic ability came from him.  Her drive to be her best, she stated comes from her mother, who worked as an RN and was trained in Germany.  Both worked to instill in her a sense of discipline, introducing her to personal management and research into areas of interest.  She began her practice of mentoring with her little brother and made sure he did not make many of the mistakes she made in public school.   She said that now he is doing better scholastically than she is.

Hayes plans to study international relations with the goal of working with people to improve their situations.  A particular burden for her lies with Africa, where help is  often misappropriated with the needy only receiving minimal amounts of the assistance that is given.  She is involved in a number of activities and clubs that are beneficial to the community.

When asked about her vision for helping people, she said, “That is just who I am.”