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Caroline burglary suspect caught after high-speed chase in Richmond

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 4:51 pm

MILFORD—Alfred Schwartz, 35, a Caroline County resident, was arrested and charged with felonies in connection with a Caroline burglary and a high-speed chase in Richmond on Friday, the Caroline Sheriff’s Department reported.

Schwartz was taken into custody after he crashed a pickup truck that was transporting an unrestrained baby and toddler on Friday, according to Sgt. Travis Nutter of the Sheriff’s Office. He was in a high-speed chase, trying to get away from the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force, when he crashed at a busy intersection in south Richmond.

The three-month old infant and 13-month old toddler appeared to be OK, but were taken by ambulance to a hospital, Nutter said. Schwartz’ wife went to the hospital, where authorities handed the children over to her, the sergeant said.

Originally from Nassau County, Florida, Schwartz now faces 10 felony and eight misdemeanor charges from the Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force, Nutter said.

Schwartz was living in a camper in a Caroline campground when he allegedly broke into Bud’s Auto Salvage along U.S. 301 on July 24, Nutter said. A watchful citizen had noticed that a suspicious Dodge SUV was parked behind Bud’s and called authorities.

Caroline Deputy Ashley Ayers managed to arrive on the scene just as Schwartz was leaving Bud’s with the SUV loaded down with car batteries, copper wire, copper piping, aluminum siding and scrap metal, Nutter said. She arrested Schwartz without incident and charged him with one felony count of burglary and one felony count of possessing burglary tools.

Schwartz gave a false name to the deputy and even presented an official-looking identification. He was taken to Pamunkey Regional Jail, where he was fingerprinted. He posted bond and was released.

He had already been fingerprinted in Florida, and the nationwide fingerprint system notified Virginia law enforcement officials that Florida had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Meanwhile, Schwartz had allegedly won the favor of a Richmond church, and representatives of the church told him he could hook up his camper to a church electrical outlet, Nutter said.

When Nutter learned that Schwartz had given a false name, he contacted the U.S. Marshal’s office, and agents with that office discovered the Schwartz camper still at the church. As they approached the camper, Schwartz sped away in the truck. That began a high-speed chase during lunchtime traffic, but Schwartz lost control and crashed into a culvert at a major intersection, Chippenham and Hull Street. No other vehicles were involved in the crash, Nutter said.

After his capture by U.S. Marshal agents, Schwartz was booked on these additional charges by the Caroline Sheriff’s Office: three felony counts of forging public records, one felony count of perjury, one felony count of failing to appear in court, two misdemeanor counts of identify theft, two misdemeanor counts of providing a false ID to the police, one misdemeanor count of larceny, one misdemeanor count of obstructing justice, one misdemeanor count of trespassing and one misdemeanor count of providing a false ID for the purpose of avoiding arrest.

U.S. Marshal agents charged him with one count of felony alluding police and two counts of felony child endangerment. He is wanted in Florida for an outstanding parole violation, Nutter said.

He was being held in the Richmond city jail without bond.