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Caroline High School SOL scores rise in math, history

Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 6:43 pm

MILFORD—The good news is that Caroline High School out-performed most of Virginia in algebra II on the Standards of Learning test, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Virginia Department of Education (DOE).

Seventy-six percent of high school students statewide passed the algebra II SOL, but a whopping 89 percent passed at Caroline High.

Caroline Middle School’s 100 percent pass rate for geometry for the 2011-2012 school year continued to the 2012-2013 school year. Algebra I at CMS showed a 100 percent pass rate last year and it dropped only to 98 percent this year. The same impressive percentages can be found with world history I.

Caroline High School’s SOL test scores rose in algebra and world history, but dipped below the previous year in geometry, biology, chemistry and  earth science.

The figures for Caroline might seem deceiving, given that Caroline High had a 100 percent pass rate in chemistry for the 2011-2012 school year, but dropped to an 87 percent pass rate in the 2012-2013 school year, according to the state DOE.

The percentage of CHS students who passed the most recent SOLs were: 80 percent for English reading, 74 percent for writing, 83 percent for Virginia and U.S. history, 78 percent for world history I, 83 percent for world history II, 73 percent for algebra I, 89 percent for algebra II, 64 percent for geometry, 64 percent for biology and 81 percent for earth science.

Statewide, the pass rate for high school reading was 89, compared to Caroline’s 80 percent, which is down from the previous year’s 90 percent.

Across Virginia, the pass rate for high school writing was 87 percent, while Caroline’s was 74, which is down from the previous year’s 92 percent.

The English and science SOL tests that students took during the 2012-2013 were the first to reflect the increased rigor of revised standards adopted by the Virginia Board of Education in 2010. The latest test results also mark the debut of online SOL writing tests, DOE reported. “As expected, pass rates on the new tests were lower than in 2011-2012.”

Statewide, 76 percent of high school students passed algebra I, compared to Caroline’s 73. The statewide figure for geometry was 76, while Caroline’s was 64.

At Caroline Middle School, test scores improved from the previous year to the most recent test year in civics and economics, U.S. history I and math.

CMS had a 63 percent pass rate on eighth grade English reading, compared to the statewide pass rate of 71 percent. In reading, the state dropped from the previous year’s 89 percent pass rate, while CMS dropped from its rate of 87 percent.

For eighth grade writing, CMS’s pass rate was 56 percent, compared to the statewide rate of 70. In 2011-2012, the statewide pass rate was 88 percent, while Caroline’s was  82 for eighth grade writing.

Bowling Green Elementary School’s highest pass rate was in Virginia studies, which was 89 percent, while its lowest pass rate was in writing, which was in fifth grade writing, with 61 percent of the students passing. Another high one at the school was fifth grade science, at 82 percent.

At Lewis and Clark Elementary, students excelled in reading (fifth grade, 86 percent), writing (fifth grade, 82 percent), math (fifth grade, 82 percent) and science (third grade, 94 percent) and (fifth grade, 90 percent). Third grade history’s pass rate increased from 94 percent last year to 97 percent this year, and the same grade’s math pass rate increased from 73 percent last year to 78 percent this year. The school’s lowest pass rate was 76, which was for fourth grade math.

At Madison Elementary, exceptionally high pass rates were 94 percent in Virginia studies, third grade history at 89 percent and third grade science at 85 percent. Fifth grade science came in with a pass rate of 80 percent. Madison’s lowest pass rate was in fifth grade writing, down from last year’s 84 percent to the current 49 percent.

For a complete listing of all pass rates for all schools in Caroline, go to the state DOE website at