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Caroline Middle School SOL testing schedule announced

Posted on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 10:37 am

Dear parents and guardians of CMS students,

It is that time of year again when we administer state and federally mandated Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. Please refer to the testing schedule below. These tests will determine whether Caroline Middle School achieves state accreditation and meets the Federal Annual Measurable Objectives or AMOs. We are encouraging our students to do their very best and we believe they have been effectively equipped to achieve.

Important SOL Test Dates

Monday, June 9: Civics & EOC World History

Tuesday, June 10: US History I

Wednesday, June 11: English 8 & EOC Algebra/Geometry

Thursday, June 12: English 6 & 7

Friday, June 13: US History II & Science 8

Monday, June 16: English 8 (EOC Geometry & Algebra)

Tuesday, June 17: Math 6 & 8

Wednesday, June 18: Math 7

Thursday, June 19: MAKEUPS

Online SOL practice tests and released SOL tests can be found linked to our school website, under the student drop down menu or on the Virginia Department of Education website – subject area and per grade-level.

Thank you for everything you do to support your child’s education at home.


Angela Wright, CMS Principal and CMS Faculty & Staff