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Couple seeks help with liver transplant bill

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 1:53 pm

WOODFORD—Janis Averette is a school cook and her pay doesn’t go far toward paying down a $150,000 hospital bill for her husband’s liver transplant.

James Averette, 55, was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and was on a waiting list at Virginia Commonwealth University for a transplant, which he received on July 17. The transplant was a success, and now the couple faces two challenges: keeping his medication regulated and paying the hospital bill, along with their monthly expenses and prescription medicine costs.

“He’s doing well, but we need financial help in a big way,” Mrs. Averette said. “He will get Social Security disability benefits, but doesn’t get that until December.” Their only income now is from her school cook job.

He had been employed at the Patton-Kiehl Group for 10 years, but doctors ordered him to stop working in May.

“The operation was $150,000, the doctors part was $50,000 and medicines can be upwards of $40,000,” Mrs. Averette said.

Donations for the couple can be made to Union First Market Bank in Ladysmith or Bowling Green and should be designated for the James Averette Medical Fund. The Ladysmith branch is at 7349 Ladysmith Road (P.O. Box 220), Ladysmith, Va., 22501. The Bowling Green office is at 211 North Main St., Bowling Green, Va. 22427. Donations can be made in person at either location, but if a check is mailed, it should be mailed to Union First Market Bank, PO Box 220, Ladysmith, VA 22501.