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Kathy McVay is Caroline County’s new registrar

Posted on Friday, March 21, 2014 at 9:57 pm

Kathy McVay, former town treasurer for Bowling Green, is Caroline County’s new general registrar of voters and replaces Danette Moen.

She will handle her first election on June 10 when a primary election is conducted.

“I am so excited to be the new registrar,” McVay said. “My professional career has been service to the Caroline County community and I see this as a new avenue for that career. I have a deep love of history and look forward to being able to record the official voting history for Caroline County.”

McVay has lived in the Shumansville area of Caroline all of her life. She has two children, Crystal Owens and Todd McVay.

“I have three grandchildren who are the highlight of my life,” she noted.

She is a graduate of Bowling Green Senior High School. She attended Mary Washington College and Germanna Community College.

She worked as the advertising manager at The Caroline Progress for nearly 13 years and then worked as Bowling Green town treasurer for 23 years.

A formal ceremony for her new role as registrar is being planned for April.

According to the State Board of Elections, the general registrar is primarily responsible for registering voters and maintaining current voter registration records. Specifically his or her duties include:

  • Establishing and maintaining public places for voter registration.
  • Participating in programs to educate the general public concerning registration and encouraging registration by the general public.
  • Providing the appropriate forms for citizens to register and to obtain the information necessary to complete the applications.
  • Accepting a registration application or request for transfer or change of address submitted by or for a resident of any other county or city in Virginia. Registrars process registration applications and requests for transfer or changes of address from residents of other counties and cities and forward the completed application or request to the registrar where the voter lives.
  • Maintaining the registration records for his or her county or city in the central registration system; preserving the written applications of all persons who are registered; and preserving for a period of four years the written applications of all persons who are denied registration or whose registration is cancelled.
  • Promptly notifying in writing any a person who is denied registration the reason for denial.
  • Notifying by mail each affected voter of changes affecting his or her district or polling place.
  • Carrying out any other duties as directed by his or her Electoral Board.

A registrar can also:

  • Go into a county or city adjoining to his or her locality to register voters of his or her locality when conducting registration jointly with the registrar of the adjoining county or city.
  • Provide staff for voter registration offices that are located at facilities of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

A general registrar cannot:

  • Use any political bias when registering voters, sending absentee ballots or performing any other requirement of the job, but must perform all his or her duties in a politically neutral manner.

More information about the general registrar:

  • The General Registrar is appointed by the Electoral Board to a four-year term.
  • He or she can’t be removed, or not reappointed, because the party with a majority on the electoral board changes.
  • His or her salary is determined by the population of the city or county he or she serves.