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Killough’s contract extended 1 year

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 4:12 pm

(updates – clarifies vote was in executive session, board chairman declines comment)

MILFORD – The Caroline County School Board has given Superintendent of Schools Greg Killough a one-year extension of his contract.

The panel voted 5-1 – with one abstention – at its regular meeting Monday night to extend Killough’s contract. The vote came during a meeting of the School Board in executive session.

Voting in favor of the one-year extension were: Nancy Carson, Tinka Harris, Shawn Kelley, George Spaulding, and Mack Wright Jr. Mary Anderson abstained.

Greg Killough

Superintendent Greg Killough (right) confers with County Administrator Charles Culley following joint meeting of School Board and Board of Supervisors recently.

Killough’s contract was scheduled to expire in June 2014. The extension keeps him in the employment of the School Board until June 2015. Besides the extension, no other changes were made to his pact.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence,” Killough said Thursday when reached by phone.

“We have a lot on our plate we’re moving forward with,” he added.

The School Board’s “plate” includes a bond issue referendum it has requested the Board of Supervisors to set. The proposed $25 million bond issue would finance a major expansion and renovation of Caroline High School and an addition and modifications to Madison Elementary School.

If the Board of Supervisors agrees to set the referendum, presumably it would be held in conjunction with the November election. If voters approved the referendum and the Board of Supervisors subsequently borrowed the funds, the high school project likely would start early the following year. The project may still be going when Killough’s extended contract expires in June 2015.

“I want to continue to build a high quality education program for the students and people of Caroline County,” said Killough.

He side-stepped when The Caroline Progress pointed out that some observers might argue that a one-year extension is not necessarily representative of a high degree of confidence. School superintendents may receive multi-year contracts or one-year agreements, he responded.

School Board chairman Nancy Carson declined comment on the board’s action until it votes publicly to confirm its decision at the next regular meeting in April.

Other members of the School Board did not immediately returns calls requesting comment.

Killough was named to the school division’s top post in 2008, and his contract has been extended once since then.

Last summer, in a divided vote, the School Board decided not to extend Killough’s contract when it expires in July 2014. At that time, Anderson, Carson, Harris and Spaulding voted against an extension; Kelley and Wright voted in favor of it.

Killough was not present at that June 2012 vote – he was out of town at the time – and said he was caught off guard by the board’s vote. In fact, he learned of the board’s decision from The Caroline Progress.

Two School Board members, including Carson, the chairman, disputed Killough’s version of the events last year. In addition, tensions flared at the next School Board meeting when Anderson criticized Killough for his remarks.