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Stonewall Jackson


Stonewall Jackson Shrine Memorializes Famous General Who Died in Caroline

After being wounded, Jackson had his arm amputated in northern Caroline County, where he succumbed to pneumonia eight days later


Caroline County is home to the Stonewall Jackson Shrine, a part of the National Park Service. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was wounded by ‘friendly fire’ from Confederate troops during the Battle of Chancellorsville in neighboring Spotsylvania County in 1863. He was transported to a plantation in Guinea Station in northern Caroline County, and his left arm was amputated. Eight days, later, however, Jackson succumbed to pneumonia.

The shrine is the plantation office building where Jackson temporarily stayed and ultimately died. It is the only plantation structure remaining.

After being established as an historic ‘shrine,’ the building underwent restorations twice and still retains about 45 percent of its original fabric. The National Park Service has augmented some of the items used during Jackson’s stay with other pieces from the era and a few reproductions to recreate the scene of the last days of his life.

The Stonewall Jackson Shrine is open 9 to 5 daily except Saturday-Monday from November through April.