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Over 600 to form ‘Circle of Faith’ around Caroline High on Sunday

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 9:06 pm

MILFORD—Caroline resident Greg Mack is encouraging Caroline residents to participate in a community event known as “The Caroline County Circle of Faith.” Mack has created a Facebook group for the event, which is currently standing at 830 members, and is growing by the minute.

Mack’s Facebook outlines the concept behind the event, stating: “Caroline County Schools need our help. We have lost two children in the past week! Christ teaches us that with faith we can move mountains and Paul adds that all is lost without love. What our nation, our community, our schools, and our children need is to know the unifying grace and love that Christ first showed us through faith that can move mountains.”

What Mack and local Caroline pastors are envisioning is a circle of people holding hands all the way around the outside of Caroline High School as they join  together in unified prayer. They are calling out to 650 plus people to come join in on the “Circle of Faith” that will take place on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 5:30 p.m.

The idea for this faith-based community event was inspired during a sermon given by a pastor who was visiting from Kenya. During this sermon given at Bowling Green Baptist Church last Sunday, one of the church members, Chrissie Mack, found a message in the words spoken by the pastor.

The pastor spoke about three subjects during that sermon: obedience, missions, and the impact of the Holy Spirit. He said to the congregation “When God tells you to do something, you do it, like you have never done it before.”

Chrissie, who wishes to take no credit for the events that were born out the inspiration given to her that day, describes the idea as not being an idea at all; but rather something that moved through her, and inspired her to reach out to her husband, Greg, and to pastor Greg Webber of the Bowling Green Baptist Church, and to share this concept with him.

Webber was immediately enthusiastic, and began reaching out to other local pastors and members of the Caroline County Community. The event now has the support of at least one Caroline County Board of Supervisors member, and projects are in the works to ensure lighting for the event, and for aerial photographs to be taken.

On Facebook, Mack answered the question: What is this all about? He alluded to Ciera Moore, the CHS teen who committed suicide on Oct. 21 and was buried on Oct. 27. In addition, CHS sophomore Thomas Wheeler collapsed in the gym a week earlier and was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. Mack wrote on Facebook: “It’s about Ciera, it’s about the Principal, it’s about the teachers, faculty, Administration and every student struggling to get through the day and every student acing every test. It is to seek God and ask His blessing on our schools and those within them. We are gathering to circle the School as ONE CHURCH with ONE PRAYER. No walls to separate us, only Christ between us.”

The main theme of this event is not to highlight any negativity that the county has experienced; but instead to be thankful for the good things that happen, Chrissie said. That is a sentiment agreed upon and shared by the pastors and community members who are involved in making this proposed event a reality.

Residents need to “understand the impact of their prayers,” Chrissie said. “We have the ability to lift up a county, a school, a loved one…whatever and whoever, with a prayer.”