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Programs at 3 schools recognized

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Three Caroline County schools are being showcased in a directory by the Virginia School Boards Association for unique student activities.

The schools are Bowling Green Primary School, Caroline Middle School, and Lewis and Clark Elementary School. They made it into the 17th annual VSBA Showcases for Success directory, which highlights successful K-12 programs in Virginia’s public schools.

Bowling Green Primary School is currently under construction to convert to a K-5 elementary school.  Amidst the dust and dirt, students in the second grade are getting firsthand knowledge of the construction process by becoming junior foremen.  Every other week, six different students are selected to participate.

Accompanied by their guidance counselor, they meet the school division’s clerk of the works and the construction foreman to tour the project. Equipped with a hard hat, questions provided by their classmates, and their own inquisitiveness, they view blueprints and apply mathematical concepts by using tape measures to understand size and scale.

By witnessing what the heavy machinery does, setting foot in “off limit” zones, and observing how things go together, they are immersed into the world of construction.  Their experience gives them expertise in sharing with their parents and the community, and exposes them to careers in construction.

The Caroline Middle School History Club, in its first year of existence, is working to honor Korean War Veterans in the community and state. The 38th Parallel, (which divides North and South Korea,) runs directly in front of Caroline High School. The Korean War was fought between 1950 and 1953 and over 100,000 Americans lost their lives.

The goal of the CMS History Club is to place a Virginia Historical Marker on the parallel in honor of these veterans. Students have been raising funds, and on March 26, the Caroline County Board of Supervisors agreed to give the club $3,550 to place a historical marker in front of the high school after club members made two presentations to the board and the Caroline School Board.

The Korean War is taught as part of U.S. history 7th grade curriculum. This project will provide a community connection to a foreign event.

Lewis and Clark Elementary School fourth-graders are using their knowledge of poetry and the writing process in producing Explorations in Literature, a school literary magazine.  This program, which students often refer to as their publishing project, promotes the ideals of support on a variety of levels. The immediate connection one sees is that producing a published book provides students the support they need to understand the inner workings of the writing process.

In this program, businesses are supporting schools, principals are supporting teachers, and teachers are supporting student writers. The cycle continues because the fourth-graders have reached out to document interviews on advice throughout this process to establish a foundation of support for next year’s fourth-grade class.  A poetry portfolio assignment in conjunction with professional and financial support from Braintree Printing Company is responsible for bringing an improved awareness and reflection to the writing process.