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Supervisors appropriate $42.5 million for Caroline County Public Schools

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 10:03 am

By Sarah Vogelsong
CP Reporter


After several months of revisions, the Board of Supervisors Tuesday night agreed to appropriate the full amount of $42,504,006 requested by the School Board for the fiscal year 2015 school budget.

The school budget was held in limbo earlier this summer because of the General Assembly’s delay in passing a state budget, which left county officials uncertain about the funding they would receive. About 65 percent of the Caroline schools’ operating budget for FY2015 comes from the state.

Because of this uncertainty, on June 24, the Board of Supervisors in a work session voted to appropriate $41,205,709 for the schools, the same amount they appropriated for FY2014, in order to allow them to keep operating after July 1.

After Virginia resolved its budget, the schools were left with $75,000 less than they had hoped to receive from the state, forcing the School Board to revise its earlier approved budget of $42,579,408 down to the final number of $42,504,006. Of this budget, about $37.8 million goes toward the schools’ operating fund and about $4.6 million toward special funds.

After the School Board approved this amended budget at its July 14 meeting, a discrepancy of almost $1.3 million remained between its requested number and the amount that had been appropriated by the Board of Supervisors in June.

Of that $1.3 million, roughly $625,000 comes from the state and $364,000 from the county. The remainder of about $230,000 is made up of federal and state grants that will go toward special funds.

The supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the full appropriation.