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Buddy Fowler wins 55th District House seat

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Republican Buddy Fowler won the 55th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, with an unofficial vote count of 15,349 to Democrat Toni Radler’s 10,119 votes.

Fowler didn’t do as well in Caroline, where he received 2,178 votes, compared to Radler’s 2,913 and Libertarian Christopher Sullivan’s 252 votes. Sullivan got 1,487 votes district-wide.

Four of Caroline’s six voting districts make up the 55th District of the House of Delegates. Over 5,340 of the county’s 18,624 registered voters voted in the Delegate District 55 race. The other parts of Caroline are in Delegate Districts 54 and 99.

Republican incumbent Robert D. Orrock in Delegate District 54 ran unopposed and got 15,344  votes, while write-in candidates got 1,481. Republican incumbent Margaret Ransone in District 99 ran unopposed and got 17,548 votes, while write-in candidates got 1,649.

On Tuesday, Fowler and Radler were making sweeps through voting precincts in Caroline, including Dawn, which tends to favor Democrats. The Dawn precinct gave Radler 712 votes to Fowler’s 336 and Sullivan’s 33. Mattaponi gave Radler 405 votes to Fowler’s 259 and Sullivan’s 27.

Fowler had been a 55th District legislative aide since 2000 and he replaces Republican John Cox, who did not see re-election for the seat because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Fowler has stated during campaign speeches that education, and lowering of taxes are priorities.

“My pledge to you is that I will back legislation that supports traditional family values,” Fowler says on his website. “In addition, supporting our citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be one of my top priorities.  Our stagnant economy has magnified the financial challenges Virginia families wrestle with every day.  I believe Virginia needs more taxpayers, not more taxes!  That is why I will focus on economic policies that encourage investment, increase employment opportunities, and promote economic growth.

“A great education is one of the keys to a successful future,” Fowler says on his website. “I believe that the teacher is the most important ingredient in education and for that reason the overwhelmingly majority of education funding must be centered in the classroom.

Fowler’s website says it is important to reform Medicaid first, before expanding it. Medicaid reform must come first. Costs are skyrocketing. Medicaid spending in Virginia has grown by 1,600 percent over the past 30 years. Medicaid now consumes 23 percent of the state budget.  The federal government has promised to pay for expansion, but the truth is Washington can’t afford it.

“One of my top priorities as a lifelong outdoor enthusiast will be to work to support efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries,” he says. “I supported the reforms to Virginia’s Eminent Domain laws, including the amendment to the Virginia State Constitution, which protects landowners and businesses, from unlawful “taking” or condemnation of their private property.”

Fowler opposes abortion, and the same forum said that the issue is “already addressed on a legislative level.”

Radler’s campaign website lists education as her first priority. “I want to push for quality instruction and curriculum, adequate funding, and excellent working conditions for Virginia’s teachers and school support professionals.”

Radler supports the state transportation bill, and said “as your delegate, I will watch how those transportation dollars are spent,” she said,  “This is what citizens in the 55th District care about”.

An advocate for women’s rights, Radler opposed the proposed transvaginal ultrasound bill, stating, “It invaded women’s privacy, usurped doctor-client privileges and was demeaning.” She also opposes the proposed personhood amendment.

Radler’s website states that her education platform focuses on five major issues:  Work for full funding of the state’s share of public schools. Stop taking money out of the State’s General Fund to provide corporate tax write-offs to support private schools. This comes out of money that would support public schools.

Radler also supports the Equal Rights Amendment, as well as “an anti-discrimination job hiring directive.”

Sullivan’s campaign website says that he favored cutting taxes, promising that if elected, he would “fight and vote for reduced taxes and reduced spending whenever possible, and will always vote against bills that propose to distribute “revenue” disproportionately.”

Sullivan also wanted nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. He supports the right to self-defense. He opposes government influence on foods bought and sold throughout Virginia. He supports the natural right to produce food and sell and buy that food at the local and state level with minimal to no government interference.

Sullivan supports the decriminalization of possession of industrial hemp and marijuana.